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what our customers are saying

what our customers are saying

what our customers are saying

what our customers are saying

what our customers are saying

what our customers are saying

what our customers are saying

what our customers are saying

what our customers are saying

what our customers are saying

what our customers are saying

what our customers are saying

what our customers are saying

what our customers are saying

RJ, 13 March 2020

Useful product & value for money. Purchased this item as my dentist no longer cleans my teeth after a check up. Every time I want a clean I have to book in and pay 60.This device is great for cleaning and very easy to use with your Oral B toothbrush The product is amazing , after one usage I have already noticed the difference. It's great at cleaning stains on your teeth. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone

Paul, 17 July 2022

This is one of my very few reviews, and it is worth it. This little device is going to save me hundreds in dental bills. I used this morning and it actually worked. Removed tea Staines on my front teeth which was effecting my smile. I didn’t take a before picture as I was very spectacle how this little plastic devise was going to clean my teeth which the dentist charges £90 for. But it worked! All nice and clean with a quick brush and rinse after my teeth as polished clean just like a dentist visit. So thought it was defiantly worth taking time out to write a review. Never been so impressed with a product before.

Aditya G, 6 June 2022

I like the idea. Having a recyclable attachment to my electric toothbrush for stain removal is brilliant. I have used it twice and it definitely has impressed me massively. It does feel different initially but it does the job and has not affected my teeth. Love it!

bahubali jain, 3 May 2022

I ordered Jtips after reading its reviews and knowing it is not made in china. Let me tell you it is totally worth it. I have severe coffee and tea stains and it came off in a few seconds. I am planning to have whitening after this. I was advised to see hygienist before start of whitening to remove stains, but Jtips did the job fantastically and saved my £80 to visit hygienist. The best part is its totally reusable and should last me few months now. I will happily use it and eventually go to my closest store to get it recycled. This is a brilliant product and would recommend to everybody. 5 stars!!!

Carl Perry, 8 January 2022

Anyone saying this doesn't work clearly is doing it wrong, within minutes I had removed tea/tobacco stains from the backs of my teeth that had been there for ages. It does take a few minutes to get use to it and it rattles your brain a bit but as soon as you see those stains literally erase away you realise just how good this product is.

Fayaz mussa, 8 August 2021

removed tea stains from teeth. obviously not gona do a dentist level clean but for getting rid of stains on some of the front teeth worked quite well. would recommend for a clean looking smile for £20

Amy King, 30 March 2020

Highly sceptical buying this, still sceptical when it arrived and I unwrapped it. However, within 20 seconds a small tea stain on my teeth had pretty much vanished. Will probably go over again to completely remove but Im highly impressed! Really easy to use, not at all uncomfortable, just a light pressure against teeth much like using your electric toothbrush, if youre not sure, buy it! Its definitely worth 20!

natalie ricketts, 29 July 2021

Wow wow wow. Couldn't see a hygienist because of covid. This little tool got rid of the stain that was bothering me in seconds

Jenny, 26 July 2021

It's a great product, I couldn't be happier. My stains dissapiered in few minutes and I can't stop to look to the mirror and smile 😊 I was worried, if will works, but for me deffinettly works, it's worth. Honestly made my day 👍

Bombbasticarts, 10 July 2022

I had my doubts but as a smoker I do get some stains. I don’t use a lot but it really helps especially at the lower back of teeth

rachel green, 9 July 2021

Amazing product it has got rid of tobacco strains in my teeth I've rurr everything this is brilliant really happy so worth it it really works it's the best thing I've bought

Billy, 9 April 2021

It actually works, I really didn’t expect it to but it does. I’ve had smoking stains for years however since lockdown I have managed to kick the habit but obviously the stains remained. I’ve tried a few things on the market and nothing worked. I’ve literally only used this product three times and it has done wonders for me so far. So unexpected but incredibly pleased with the results. Highly recommend.

Fenil S, 6 April 2021

I bought this product to clear wine stains off my teeth, and to my surprise the stains were cleaned in few seconds. It fits perfectly fine to my oral b electric toothbrush and I have used it again without any issues. I was skeptical initially after reading some reviews, but this product definitely proved it wrong. Will definitely recommend.

Michelle Davis, 26 March 2021

I am very pleased with this product I will deffo recommend to all my friends and family don’t miss out !!!

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